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Illions Oustide Row Stander Carousel Horse
Unusual roached mane and tucked head.
c. 1910


Tail to head: 60"L x 59" H
Chest yo rump: 44"

From the Ward's Kiddieland, Coney Island Murphy Bros. Carousel. The carousel was bought by Walt Disney in the 1950s for some of the horses that Disney wanted to incorporate into his new/old carousel at Disneyland. It came with the raised leg only.

When the horse was bought, only the raised leg was intact. The three standing legs are replacements carved by Ed Roth. The tail is from John Daniel's Illions Supreme.

D.C. Muller Front

D.C. Muller Back

D.C. Muller HEad

D.C. Muller HEad

D.C. Muller HEad



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