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Loof Prancer with US flag trappings
Inside row horse
c. 1900


Very early second coat US flag trappings. The black, red, orange, and blue-green on this horse are original paint. The flag(s) (one on each side) look to be an early second paint job.


Seam issues. Some chipping and wood damage on face. Some missing forelock pieces. The eye areas are damaged (have the eyes, but not installed). Ears are worn. Outer rear leg damage repaired (John Mc Kenzie). What looks like angled scratches are seams.

D.C. Muller Front

D.C. Muller Back

D.C. Muller HEad

D.C. Muller HEad

D.C. Muller HEad

D.C. Muller HEad



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